Open book Exam 31/3/09

Tuesday, March 31, 2009 Time: 6:11 pm

TOday early morning exam..
yesterday night go through the notes and see what can i study.
but all the while i was studying for my resit. i think i will need to resit my hygiene. i was so worry. i keep on telling frends that i will fail.

today test was pretty okay. although need to think what to write. but 45min exam have to think very fast.
then took back last week exam test
Guess WHAT?? lol
i pass
Got A. so happy.
but now worrying the result for open book again!!
but no time to care open book result
because i had to finish my cheese assignment
next week must pass up.
and i am working most of the day. so wont be able to do cheese assignment.
hopefully can finish 4 cheese by today.
then tml 4 more
and angliss report finish it
then the following week Holiday!!!
wakaka.. so happy..
dunno where to go for holiday..
must ask all of them go travelling..
altough some of them din get job yet.
but try to go cheap cheap place. yet can happy together.
spend a bit should not have a problem..
so excited.. hmmm...

okay see u soon
i have to continue my cheese assignment..


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