~~@Fine food in Melbourne@~~

Saturday, September 27, 2008 Time: 3:42 pm

On the 22-25 of september 2008 was the fine food melbourne held in melbourne exhibiton centre opposite crown casino.

It was great opportunity to go there. Well i did not pay for the ticket. It was free because i register online before 17 of september. So it was FREE!!!
I went there with my fren Cedric (Vietnam) and Wilariat (Thailand).

The exhibition is mainly for business man who own a restaurant, catering or suppliar..
There is so many things in the exhibition..there is competition everyday.. i saw they cook many nice and delicious food during the competition. Unfortunately i did not take picture..keke...
u can see what sauce and how they cook their food and the waitress how they serve the food to the customer that are waiting on the table..

In that exhibition there are many section at the place.. there is one section of ais-cream.. where u can taste many different kind of ice-cream. equipment, honey, oil, tea, Meat, dairy product, pie, cakes, cookies, wine, soda water, vitamin drinks, cocktail, coffee and etc etc... Is UNCOUNTABLE!!!

I ate a lot of food when i am in there.. Thats why i did not cook dinner nor lunch so Save some money.. keke...
There is one part where they promote their own country food. Country like thailand, korea, japan, malaysia, singapore and etc etc..

I went to thailand store grap a lot of freebies... So happy because my fren is thai so they speak thai and she got freebies so same goes to me too..
i did try some wine on the second day..
there was many different kinds of wine and different kind of store..
I have tried Shiraz, Rose wine, Chardonnay, CArbenot Minot and etc etc..
First day i did not drink too much.. Because i dun dare to try too much..
On the second day i drank a lot.. because i tried many alchohol that the percentage was very high (i din realize) my face was so red until i and my fren have to find a place to sit down and rest..
so we rest for half an hour at the culinary competition there..
I was so funny.
Because we two din realize how many store we tasted the wine keke..lol

But the last store we went to they have a very good wine. They won some awasrd for the wine. So it was good wine we tasted..

Woah.. Talk about food... i really eat a lot...
Some boot have free food to eat..
oso with recipe
there is one corner that they show us how to cook mutton, beef, lamb leg etc etc etc
i just stand there and try and learn how to cook.. hehe...
Actually i dun dare to eat the lamb brain.. but my fren ask me to try... he say is nice..
Well.. i did try and it was great although i feel like vomitting out the lamb brain..
But the chef cook until the taste for the lamb brain was taste like oyster..

i ate a lot of pies and i oso got some free pies to bring back.. i was so happy...
There also have chicken garlic ball... it taste so nice.. many ppl love it so much...
and we keep eating a few time of the chicken garlic ball (It was free)!!!
There is always many types of cheese for u to taste... i have tried a few..i fee like taking the cheese back and eat in front of the tv and enjoy it with biscuit..
but too bad.. is not for sale...

OH ya...
i ate salmon too.. there have salmon demo, show u how to cook with salmon, U can't imagine the salmon was so great..so nice... so smooth and soft and FRESH!!!!\

Welll....i have been enjoying my time in this fine food..
i go there nearly every day and spend most of my time there to see and eat and taste...

i hope next time i will be able to go again.
This is not every year held in same place.
This exhibition every year will held is different place of Australia..
Is so coincident this year was in Melbourne!!!

My journey to Fine Food in Melbourne

Wednesday, September 24, 2008 Time: 6:14 pm

BIG EVENT!!! in food industry!!!


Time: 1:58 am


Well..All this while i trying to find a share room in the city

Guess WAT???


I found it on Saturday 30 August!!

i went to have to look at the room on sunday bec that was the only day the gal is available.

So i prepare my money and went to have a look with the room...

Guess AGAIN!!!

The gal is same college as me and i kinda seen her before in college.. so i went to have a look with the room although it was small but i like it. so i do it fast by paying cash straight away.

From a big room i shifted to a small shared room..

i shifted on the 14 September.. It was a hard time for me that time and tiring for a gal to travel from my old house to new house. it takes 30min to travel thru and back everytime.. Actually i was so thankfull that my pevious roomate help me to shift my things. it was so great and good of her helping me to shift. Actualy i asked my frens in college. But all not able to make it. so decided to do it with my roomate..luckily got her..If not i dunno when i able to finish shifting.. maybe need to shift for 3 days if i shift alone.

On 14 sept alone itself i shifted since morning 11 am til 10pm..Imagine How much and how long!!!!

But we go 3 rounds... But it took so long!!! and two of us only!!!!!!!!!! (sob sob)

Well now i am happy in this new house and i feel warm too...Near to college no need to pay so much.. so good...keke...

But the oli thing is in my mind now is getting a job.. I tried very hard to find a job as a kitchen hand in a western restaurant.. But i could not get it..It has been two month i tried to find..Until now i Fail!!!!!

On the 8 sept my college had Career Expo means that there are a lot of hotels and caterer will be coming to out college to tell us more about their stuff. Besides that we might be hired by them by giving our resume to them..

So i did go, and have a lot of fun knowing a lot of well known hotel and catering. I hand in my resume to them but until now i did not get any respon from them.. So i decide to go online to apply for job and send my resume. yet no body reply.

But i wont give up, God is with me. God will provide me a job and a very good job for me...

i believe in him.. It need is time....i will try my best to go around to find a job..

hopefully can get one as a kitchen hand in western restaurant..to gain experience..

Well.. It has been one week i in this new house. And i am now having holiday for 2 weeks...Is a term break..Sogood..Not planning to go any where but to hang out with my class frens..

I had register myself to fine food event..

Is a big event in the food industry.

I was told by my teacher every year they will held in different state/ country in Australia. It was so considence that this years is in melbourne and next year would be in Perth then continue with Sydney.

My lecturer say that try not to miss this event and go for it.. So i went today. It was so big but this event is mainly for business man and etc to go for it. I as a student to go and have a look this big event and expo myself to different variety of food in different country.

Okay shall continue tomorrow@@
I think Everyone i sleeping now bec my time here is 2.32 Am in the morning on 24 Sept
Malaysia time is 12.32 am in the morning

I shall get sleep and continue my story tml k
See u guys tommorow
Good nite
Love and miss ya

Within two months!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008 Time: 1:31 am

Hi dear Friends~~
Jam Mi Mi is back again!!
u will be asking me where did i go right??
well~~ it has been two and the half months i am in Australia~~
When i first came here is winter and time passed so fast that now is SPRING~~~Haha..Spring is good..is windy and hot too sometimes..keke..
This two months i am busy with a lot of things.. such as i moved house, a lot of assignment, and lot of things happen..

Well to start with it, let me have a cup of coffee and some snacks besides me first...hehe...
Where did i stop..hmm..Start with Excursion.. i had a few excursion. i went to wine yard to have wine and face get red~. i drank 10 types of different kind wine..keke..It's cool MAn!!haha

Then my class started, the first time i was so sad and stress up with my life!!Bec i had a lot of trouble due to transportation and getting up early to go college just to save money!! But now i manage to settle this!!! haha~~ want to know how?? continue read this~~

The first time to college was very unusual for me.. bec i din have a lot of fren and i feel so lonely.. But God's grace that i had two korean fren we did talk a lot but we are in different class.. So i am lonely again have to face new frens again..

After a few weeks of class in college i manage myself to have some cool and nice frens around me.. However i was stress about house and transportation again and college assignment. I manage to handle it one by one.. First i manage to pass up my college assignment. Although i had difficulty bec i dunno wat the lecturer aspect on us.. i was worry.. When i got back my paper i got a good result..
After a few weeks in partical class we had exam..Fast right? Yup.. is fast.. i nearly every week got pratical and theory exam for the hands on.. Do you think is good? i think is good in some ways.. keke...
We had a research project that regarding the market. So we went to market to do research.. Do you know wat???

We had to reach the market at 6Am!! 6 Am!!!imagine the sun oso haven come out then we had to reach the market!!!keke....
Of coz not everyone reach there on time.. However some of them come let yet they manage to sign their name in although they come late!! (If i know that i would go late)keke..

So we had free time after we do our research then we had free time so we are ask to go home online to do research or go back college to finish this research..(is due on two weeks time)
So we have two week to complete it!!

In that period of time was so stressful bec suddenly there are like 6 assingment i have to complete in the whole week. that time i really sleep less and nearly din eat much.. (Of Coz din thin la)haha...

After accomplish the assignment i slept for few days and eat too..so good able to get more rest..
Later on the war comes again, again another period of stressfuk day that we had assignment again and had to pass up in different days..(At least this is better than the pevious time)

then i had a assignment regardin herb and spices that due on the October "this one we had two month to finish it" bec is a big project (so good!!! but TIME PASS VERY FAST)



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