Orientation Day!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008 Time: 10:19 pm

Waa..i woke up and pray to God give me the wisdom and not to fear, not to anxious and mix many friends..
Well God answered my prayer..God really gave me no fear but brave to orientation..hehe..

There is 300 international students went to the orientation..THATS ALOT RIGHT???
but did not manage to make friends with all of the students..hehe...
then later on they welcome us and explaine to us campus facilities, immigration, and Medibank things...then we had lunch (lunch are provided) they provide sandwich popiah roll, sushi, and vegetarian roll, chicken roll, salmon roll. IS VERY DELICIOUS!!(don't know got opportunities to eat it again!) haha..

Then i went touring of the Institute..Is very big..There are 7 building of my campus...
then we are divided into groups...
hmm....is very amazing Place!!!
Can't wait to go college!!!!


I'm Loving It


Sunday, July 13, 2008 Time: 10:10 pm

On Sunday (13/72008) i wake up early in the morning went to my cousin's place to take some things and waited for Sheralyn to bring me to church at 11 am..Is very near from my cousin's place..Church of Christ is at Lygon St, Calton. Is quiet and also is nice place to wordship the Lord.After the service, i went to Parliament station to find my friend.we had pasta together for our lunch and he brought me to Parkville OCF to wordship...

Parkville OCF lead by the group of Planetshakers City Church. Their preaching is very powerful and energetic..Is an amazing church to me...

i love Market!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008 Time: 9:44 pm

Haha..."Independent Girl"???
keke...today i went to Queen Victoria Market..
U cant imagine!!This market is beautiful!!And most of the things are cheap..haha..BIG PORTION TOO!!!keke...
Is clean too..and many things they sell here!!!
There are Fish - there is fresh oyter, salmon, squid and many types of fish that i have not seen in Malaysia..
There is meat, pork, chicken, lamb...vegetable and fruits here are so fresh and sweet AND CHEAP!!!..
then i went to shop for the clothes..there are jacket, stocking glove, cute shoes, wool shoes..and many more...

I manage to shop at Victoria Market for 3 hours..but then i feel is not enough too bad they closed early..so i have to go home early too..

Once i went home i quickly cooked some food to eat because shopped too long i was so hungry until i ate one and a half bowl of rice (is consider dinner and lunch) haha..

bought many cheaps stuff!!! i am very happy!!haha...
then i went to city walk alone..Is cold and beautiful scenary..


GOing to the Market and City is a good expenrience to me...i am very happy..hehe...

The Second Day

Monday, July 07, 2008 Time: 6:37 pm

Today is a Monday.my cousin stay over night at his friend's house and today brought me to bank to open new account and help me in many ways..

bring me to my colleges to have a look and ask about the orientation.
then we went to buy some stuff for my new place..

then i went home at night cooked myself..haha...


Time: 1:36 pm

Tien che che, mum, jo and gong send me to airport

Ticket to Melbourne

Hi everyone..

it has been long time i've not update my blog..
Well, now i am in Australia..No more in Malaysia..

Well..i am sure u wan know how is my journey Am i right?
i took Thai Airway. So i flew to Bangkok at 8.30pm and it takes 1 1/2 hour to reach bangkok..
so i arrive at 10.00 pm..
HMM...when i reach bangkok i had a headache before i depart from KLIA due to not enough sleep..so i went to Bangkok to buy some panadol and mineral water..Lucikly my cousin she gave me US money Thanks God...if not the whole journey i will feel uncomfortable..
at 12 am 6th of july i depart from bangkok and travel to melbourne..

In the air plane there was so many categories of movie to watch..OF COURSE (i did not manage to watch all) haha...i watched a few Movies and i went to bed at 3.00 am in the morning...then woke up for breakfast and i realized i am going to reach Melbourne Airport ( SO FAST!!!)

Once i got down from the plane.i declare my stuff and i took my 31KG bag and waited for my cousin to pick me up from the airport..he is so helpful , kind and knowledgerable...We took the skybus to the city and walk from Spencer Street to Queensberry street...(long walking distance)..haha...he brought me to China town show me the place, activate my optus number, show me the shopping complex, supermarket and many more..

We had lots of fun and after i go to his house i had my nap then he cooked dinner for me..
(Rice and Pumkin chicken soup)(it was so delicious)haha...
then we depart from his house went to Elizabeth St (is very near) and took tram 19 to my house at Brunswick...and we stopped at station 27.

I unpacked my things and went to bed..i was so boring in the first day coz i did not know what to do because there was no internet and i have finished my packing..


the day ended like tis ...It was fast..hehe..



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