Not enough sleep and cut my finger

Wednesday, April 01, 2009 Time: 9:44 pm

Today i din not get enough sleep.
Because last nite i keep on coughing and when to toilet.
Maybe because is going to cure thats why like this.

I woke up early in the morning, was so hungry.
when and cook some chicken and rice and when to college.
Feel sleepy.
Try to understand what teacher say during the demo class. but then dunno why cant really concentrate 100%
when to practical class that time. Kelam-kabut. just bec i forgot to bring the new recipe with me to the class. make me kelam kabut. (this is no good!! i know that) haiz.. i am learning try not to be kelam kabut when i miss something or dun follow something.

then i made the terrine fish (Wah!! so BIG!! SO fat!!! same size like the chef who made that!!) wakaka..
but it was for poaching. is too big to poach. bec i put 300g of filling inside. i follow the recipe. i dunno why some ppl so small. and mine so big.. wakaka...
maybe my weigh scale got problem haiz. but nvm... at last come up like big sushi or KIm pat.

Today at nite need to work. in my heart i wish i could go home early.
true enough i work for 2 hour then when back home. wakaka...
but i cut my finger when i was cutting the tomato.. i though my knife is not that sharp. MAna tau so sharp until but my finger.
That why i must get enough sleep only can work. if not i will do something wrong.
but is not pain. dunno why. maybe my skin peeled off dy thats why cut got no feeling. lolxxx...but bleeding a lot. i wash with water and forget to take tissue to wipe the blood. so when take bandage that time it water and blood is floating together. i was like ai ya....
then faster go take tissue and block the blood out.
my chef Abraham help me to wrap. So kind of him lolxx...

Came home then faster do my report and cheese assignment
if not cant pass up on time.
k continue again~~~

have to finish assignment


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