Mon at occassion restaurant

Monday, March 30, 2009 Time: 9:44 pm

Today i woke up pretty late.
woke up and do some laundry.
then go college. wanted to borrow book thats why go early 30 min. by the time i reach there is already 3pm. still got half hour to change and prepare go occasion class.

i was the bread chef of the day.
When i was making the bread. feel the bread a bit wet. then ask my chef. Find him all around could not see him. so find head chef. head chef was cedric, then he say hmmm' add flour' okay flour added.. but i think added too much.
then thomas say the bread need cold water. but i din add. then i ask him to have a look with my bread. then he is like aiyo ' no good no good' who say need to add flour. look at this (bla bla something like this la). then he ask me add cold water.
so i add cold water.

then u know water, flour and dough are mixing together.
it doesn't look good.
i feel this time my bread is not successfull. (in heart i am planning to make again) but need more time. so i ask thomas. how? What to do? look at the dough!
then he adjust and teach me. it came out same like just now i made.

then i though of allow my teacher to see before i made the dough.
then he see.. he say need more flour.
so he added flour again. In my heart i was like (die die die... my bread goin to habis)(surely not sucessful)
so beat longer. decided to start make the bread
made 10 sesame seed, poppy seed, knots, plain flour. 1 foccacia, 1 grissini stick, 1 bargute? (dunno spell) lolxx.. any way.
made all this bread thanks to cedric, thomas, filipe?, and A they help me.. mostly all the work is they do wakaka... am i kinda bad?
but they teach me and help me a lot..

then the bread CAMe out was so nice. we made pizza too.. wakaka.. so nice.. delicious. half vegetarian half bacon.
everyone say was nice.. we put so much cheese. wakaka...

THe bread was soft
I loved it..
so nice

then at night when closing argue with JOe. haiz.. stupid. make me so angy!!1
tml got exam !!!


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