The month of Ocotber 2008

Friday, October 31, 2008 Time: 4:55 pm


on the 18 of october i have to pass up my big project herb and spice assignment.
then on the 17 i have an interview in dockland to do trial for job.Eventually i got the job.
In another side i oso have a trial in a cafe on 20 oct.
so i have to choose either one place to work.
but of cos i choose the dockland bec it give me to learn more thing than the cafe.
but the cafe shop likes me a lot so i told them i maybe can work during december i will be waiting to work with them on december. bec during december i can work unlimited. This may also able to earn more money too..

then i started to work on the 23 of oct. thats y u i din update my blog. i was busy and tired. i am sorry


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