Thursday, May 13, 2010 Time: 6:57 pm

Hi dear friends,

sorry about the update. i plan to update every week or every day.
But too bad lately too many assignment due next week. I guess i got no time to update.

hope that by next week i get to write my blog more detail.

hope to see u guys soon..
take care.
stay healthy
good luck in everything
may god bless u.
i missing everyone..!!!

I am back again!!@@

Wednesday, May 12, 2010 Time: 11:45 pm

Hi friends,
is been long time i did not update maybe more than 1/2 year.

Where shall we start?
Well i guess i shall start from i just came back from Malaysia.
feel good. and August chizu left our house and i have new room mate name Nozomi.
Later the house was full of sound and laughter. Which i like a lot.
Sam and julie move out sooner vic and beryl move out too.. all taiwanese move out!!
Was pretty sad and missing them
After sam and julie move out there is korean sister move in name jenny and min ji.
Min ji does know how to speak english very well. So sometime is difficult to communicate with her. But yet we both get along well. and we are happy staying together.
She tried hard to speak english whenever i ask her somethings. Well they just came down from Korea. I am not surprise she cant speak that well like i do. But i am very impress with her eventhough she cant speak well but she try very hard.!!!

Then upstairs couple also change to Ji hee and Damien they are very nice and friendly couple.
We had so much fun staying together. After nozomi move out to work the house become a bit different more quite.
Well sometimes i also do get some happy news that chizu is getting married on April and wish that i could go over to attend her wedding.Unfortunately i could not make it due to too many assignment and i am going to take IElts.


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