*8 and 9 nov 2008*

Tuesday, November 11, 2008 Time: 12:05 pm

Well...today pratical test was pretty stressfull bec most of them is baking and kneading..

so need a lot of time
so tiring.
i fail one food. so sad..all i can blame is the oven.. arghhh.....

nvm.. i resit again no worries..
today work until 12.30am.. it so late.. today full house and work till late.
so glad learn couple few things..

9 of nov
today is silas birthday. Gave him a big surprise.
we went to singapore ... (forget the name dy) haha..
any way.. we celebrated his birthday and we went to church in one group.
he is one of our urban life member. we went for the second service bec yesterday i stay up very late and today wake up late so went for the second service.
Eventually they left me and katherine.
i have no ticket so i decide to walk. i ask katherine if she wants to take the tram is good bec she wore high heels so it will be tiring walking to church.
but she decided to walk with me..

so we chat on the way we walk there. and talk and talk and talk
and i told her my birthday pass few days ago.. she was so shocked. bec she din know that.
i say is not her fault bec i din really ttell any one in urban life.
then she say she will do something. i was like is ok no need...

then we reach church sang song and many more.. but i feel today was so different then usual.. today the day that is like i have been born again..i am so happy.

then after finish katherine say she will call me tonite. and she did call me and say that tml we will go to have dinner at 7.30pm in korean restaurant oriental spoon.
is just opposite melbourne central...
i was like okay see u tml.. haha..
i feel they are so good. know that they miss my birthday yet they still celebrate for me.
i am so touch..
most of them having exam now and busy with assignment so i feel is okay they cant celebrate for me...
wish them all the best in EXAM!!!!

MAy god bless all of you...,,


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