*8 and 9 nov 2008*

Tuesday, November 11, 2008 Time: 12:05 pm

Well...today pratical test was pretty stressfull bec most of them is baking and kneading..

so need a lot of time
so tiring.
i fail one food. so sad..all i can blame is the oven.. arghhh.....

nvm.. i resit again no worries..
today work until 12.30am.. it so late.. today full house and work till late.
so glad learn couple few things..

9 of nov
today is silas birthday. Gave him a big surprise.
we went to singapore ... (forget the name dy) haha..
any way.. we celebrated his birthday and we went to church in one group.
he is one of our urban life member. we went for the second service bec yesterday i stay up very late and today wake up late so went for the second service.
Eventually they left me and katherine.
i have no ticket so i decide to walk. i ask katherine if she wants to take the tram is good bec she wore high heels so it will be tiring walking to church.
but she decided to walk with me..

so we chat on the way we walk there. and talk and talk and talk
and i told her my birthday pass few days ago.. she was so shocked. bec she din know that.
i say is not her fault bec i din really ttell any one in urban life.
then she say she will do something. i was like is ok no need...

then we reach church sang song and many more.. but i feel today was so different then usual.. today the day that is like i have been born again..i am so happy.

then after finish katherine say she will call me tonite. and she did call me and say that tml we will go to have dinner at 7.30pm in korean restaurant oriental spoon.
is just opposite melbourne central...
i was like okay see u tml.. haha..
i feel they are so good. know that they miss my birthday yet they still celebrate for me.
i am so touch..
most of them having exam now and busy with assignment so i feel is okay they cant celebrate for me...
wish them all the best in EXAM!!!!

MAy god bless all of you...,,

~~7 november 2008~~

Time: 11:58 am

today i ask for leave to go for the combine urban life that is held in melbourne covention centre (MCC). near melbourne centre

it was all the urban life combine together which most of them is uni students.
first time i attend this event. its so great..!!! AWESOme!!!

i rededicate with leny one of my urban group fren.
it was so great..
urban friends does know yesterday was my birthday. so i told leny. and leny wish me.. haha..

but i am all right. keke...
when to buy cheap earrings bec is goin to close down on sunday so they sold very cheap.i bough a few. goin to bring back for my family to wear it.. hehe..

kang meng will be goin back on middle january. so i will be asking him to bring back some thing for my family and relative.
however for my frens you guys need to wait for me to go back..
haha..be patient ya...i miss u all so much..

i buy before entering combine urban life event.
then after that i straight went home bec the next day i have practical exam.. haha.. so have to go home get ready everything.

6 of November 2008

Friday, November 07, 2008 Time: 6:17 pm

my friend he give me the cake as a present

pro chef made it so beautiful and nice that is tom chef

all the 15 cakes on bench

chef wilariat made it.

chef jamie with her cake and decoration of her cake below

HAppy Birthday to me!!!

This year i celebrate in Australia.
U must be thinking i am lonely and sad hur?!!
this year birthday although is simply but i am happy and touch.
although i din blow candle but my fellow teacher and friend sung a birthday song in the class.
is so coinsident that, The day it self our class made black forest cake.
so there was around 15 cake on the bench as my birthday cake.. haha..kiddin nia..
any way, if i have 15 cake i also cant finish but i am happy that day.
the cake was nice and my fren gave his cake to me as a birthday present.

i have to work on that day, my chef told me to come in at 5pm so after my class at 5 i straight went to work. i brought my cake along bec i dun not have the time to go home and put my cake in the fridge.
then when i reach there my chef say i 6pm oli start work.
so no choice then i wait till 6pm.
half way working, my chef say can we eat ur cake i say Okay.
Anyway i cant finish alone if not i will get fat easily.
then he ask me is my birthday today?
i told him yes. (but i din not know how he knows that)swt!!1

Well anyway.. the work place all of them wishes me happy birthday and i continue work.. haha...

4 of november 2008 (MELBOURNE CUP)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008 Time: 5:08 pm

On melbourne cup i went to david house to have party.

u will be asking me what is melbourne cup.
melbourne cup where people gamble or dress very pretty with suit and flower(for women on their hair). and go the the flemington (one of the place)
there have fashion show see who dress the prettiest and etc etc....

however i and my friend was invited to go to david house which is one of my class friend.he is married and got a family and two child name jordon and oliver.

i went with a group of friends we took 55 tram and stop 40.
it was fun.
We were ask to bring some wine and juice to drink. and he will prepare the food.
we stayed there from 12 to 9pm. play game and watch the race and drink some wine and take picture.

they have a dog. i will show u some picture.. it is very fun.. we enjoy it and my japenese roomate she went with me to the melbourne cup too..
i can see she enjoy herself very much..hehe..


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