6 of November 2008

Friday, November 07, 2008 Time: 6:17 pm

my friend he give me the cake as a present

pro chef made it so beautiful and nice that is tom chef

all the 15 cakes on bench

chef wilariat made it.

chef jamie with her cake and decoration of her cake below

HAppy Birthday to me!!!

This year i celebrate in Australia.
U must be thinking i am lonely and sad hur?!!
this year birthday although is simply but i am happy and touch.
although i din blow candle but my fellow teacher and friend sung a birthday song in the class.
is so coinsident that, The day it self our class made black forest cake.
so there was around 15 cake on the bench as my birthday cake.. haha..kiddin nia..
any way, if i have 15 cake i also cant finish but i am happy that day.
the cake was nice and my fren gave his cake to me as a birthday present.

i have to work on that day, my chef told me to come in at 5pm so after my class at 5 i straight went to work. i brought my cake along bec i dun not have the time to go home and put my cake in the fridge.
then when i reach there my chef say i 6pm oli start work.
so no choice then i wait till 6pm.
half way working, my chef say can we eat ur cake i say Okay.
Anyway i cant finish alone if not i will get fat easily.
then he ask me is my birthday today?
i told him yes. (but i din not know how he knows that)swt!!1

Well anyway.. the work place all of them wishes me happy birthday and i continue work.. haha...


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