Open book Exam 31/3/09

Tuesday, March 31, 2009 Time: 6:11 pm

TOday early morning exam..
yesterday night go through the notes and see what can i study.
but all the while i was studying for my resit. i think i will need to resit my hygiene. i was so worry. i keep on telling frends that i will fail.

today test was pretty okay. although need to think what to write. but 45min exam have to think very fast.
then took back last week exam test
Guess WHAT?? lol
i pass
Got A. so happy.
but now worrying the result for open book again!!
but no time to care open book result
because i had to finish my cheese assignment
next week must pass up.
and i am working most of the day. so wont be able to do cheese assignment.
hopefully can finish 4 cheese by today.
then tml 4 more
and angliss report finish it
then the following week Holiday!!!
wakaka.. so happy..
dunno where to go for holiday..
must ask all of them go travelling..
altough some of them din get job yet.
but try to go cheap cheap place. yet can happy together.
spend a bit should not have a problem..
so excited.. hmmm...

okay see u soon
i have to continue my cheese assignment..

Mon at occassion restaurant

Monday, March 30, 2009 Time: 9:44 pm

Today i woke up pretty late.
woke up and do some laundry.
then go college. wanted to borrow book thats why go early 30 min. by the time i reach there is already 3pm. still got half hour to change and prepare go occasion class.

i was the bread chef of the day.
When i was making the bread. feel the bread a bit wet. then ask my chef. Find him all around could not see him. so find head chef. head chef was cedric, then he say hmmm' add flour' okay flour added.. but i think added too much.
then thomas say the bread need cold water. but i din add. then i ask him to have a look with my bread. then he is like aiyo ' no good no good' who say need to add flour. look at this (bla bla something like this la). then he ask me add cold water.
so i add cold water.

then u know water, flour and dough are mixing together.
it doesn't look good.
i feel this time my bread is not successfull. (in heart i am planning to make again) but need more time. so i ask thomas. how? What to do? look at the dough!
then he adjust and teach me. it came out same like just now i made.

then i though of allow my teacher to see before i made the dough.
then he see.. he say need more flour.
so he added flour again. In my heart i was like (die die die... my bread goin to habis)(surely not sucessful)
so beat longer. decided to start make the bread
made 10 sesame seed, poppy seed, knots, plain flour. 1 foccacia, 1 grissini stick, 1 bargute? (dunno spell) lolxx.. any way.
made all this bread thanks to cedric, thomas, filipe?, and A they help me.. mostly all the work is they do wakaka... am i kinda bad?
but they teach me and help me a lot..

then the bread CAMe out was so nice. we made pizza too.. wakaka.. so nice.. delicious. half vegetarian half bacon.
everyone say was nice.. we put so much cheese. wakaka...

THe bread was soft
I loved it..
so nice

then at night when closing argue with JOe. haiz.. stupid. make me so angy!!1
tml got exam !!!

@.@ 2009

Sunday, March 29, 2009 Time: 11:49 pm

This is my first blog in 2009
From my last blog till now i am busy with work. thats why no time to write blog and update my fellow family, relatives, friends and etc etc.

All this time i was working. Christmas was wonderful here. i spend 50Aus to buy a FRESH FRESH Turkey here. it was so nice although over cook a bit. lolx
but i use the bone to cook porridge.. my favourite!!!
so nice!!
Then i began to work in Australian open for 1 1/2 weeks. in the kitchen as plate up staff. it was so cool. i like the experience. mix with many friends and chef. learn many things from there. hopefully i will be able to work with them again.
i would like to see them and know new menu they are doin. So EXCited!!!!

Wakaka... then i start my college. busy busy busy with work and college. almost have no time to rest. Feel like stopping college and work. Go for holiday or break.
Life is like this.. have to work and work and study. Thats LIFE~~
Sadly to let all of u know. i din go church dy. bec of work again. haiz...
the roaster din change so cant go church. so sad... I miss god's Word
i miss singing and praising.

One day, i was shock that my friend got married. shock until i could not sleep that night. nearly got heart attack. Freak me out of it~~
But is oready pass. i think their baby goin to born on july. or april i forget when dy. nobody tell me about their wedding until i check the friendster and see my friend's picture.

Well~~ time passed so fast that i am goin back to mas. So happy. but still thinking of goin back 3 weeks or 10 days. bec of work again. Now economy no good, in order not to lost my position i think i have to take this matter seriously and discuss poperly.

on 20 March my Chef got " Fry Fish" so sad to hear that. I suppose to go work on that day. but i serious headache. so i had to ask for leave. I went back to work the next day, i got to know that he had fry fish. haiz.. i had no idea why. no one knows why.
but i got new head chef and new roaster. My roaster changed every week. I am glad that i can dun need to work on Sunday.
GOOD NEW is i SUnday can go church.. SO happy

22 march was Joe birthday, i celebrated with him earlier bec i knew i am working on that day. I brough him to Greek restaurant to eat. Asked him what he wants for his brithday but he did not tell me what he wants. so I just belanja him makan thats all.
but any way, i wish him all the best and happy and crazy always. wakaka...

28 MArch, is jo jo graduation. i am not there to wish her congratualation and see her perform.
but i am very proud of her becoming a good and kind nurse. i love my family so much.
Too bad i am not there. then we can take family photo.
but nvm. next time take also can.

29 March. First day to church, so happy and glad to see urban life member, so many things had change. long time i have not been church. hmm...
but we had dinner together. it was great opportunity to talk to the member and see them.

Today, still sick since 23 march. cough and flu. so sad, but as chef need to shout.
i hope my voice wont loss.
i Miss my home so much..
i wish i can go back asap.
i wan to rest
too tired and lonely here.
But i know GOd is with me.
He is always with me
May god bless me and my family with good health and continue to pray to him


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