~~7 november 2008~~

Tuesday, November 11, 2008 Time: 11:58 am

today i ask for leave to go for the combine urban life that is held in melbourne covention centre (MCC). near melbourne centre

it was all the urban life combine together which most of them is uni students.
first time i attend this event. its so great..!!! AWESOme!!!

i rededicate with leny one of my urban group fren.
it was so great..
urban friends does know yesterday was my birthday. so i told leny. and leny wish me.. haha..

but i am all right. keke...
when to buy cheap earrings bec is goin to close down on sunday so they sold very cheap.i bough a few. goin to bring back for my family to wear it.. hehe..

kang meng will be goin back on middle january. so i will be asking him to bring back some thing for my family and relative.
however for my frens you guys need to wait for me to go back..
haha..be patient ya...i miss u all so much..

i buy before entering combine urban life event.
then after that i straight went home bec the next day i have practical exam.. haha.. so have to go home get ready everything.


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