##During the Hoilday##

Sunday, October 05, 2008 Time: 5:16 pm

I think i have told u that i have holiday for two weeks.
the first week most of my time spend in the Fine food Melbourne eat and drink and see competition between the students.

On Friday i begin to start my assignment. There is 4 assignment to complete and 1 homework.
Is not easy to finish in a week. But i have to try no matter wat..keke..
On Saturday i was invited to go for 10 15...

Ten Fifteen!!!
i was great and open eyes event..
i was told that every year they will have 3 - 4 times..
This time 10 15 is the last time held ,for planet shaker.. if i wan to watch again
i must go next year..keke...

Is held because to let outsider to know what actually planet shaker does and wat event they have...
Many people invited their frens to 1015.
It was crowded with people and the environment is very nice (maybe u will feel noisy like going to disco)(but this is worshiping god)(we sing praises to god)
It was fun
It draw many outside to know god and believe there is GOd..
Well i get to know a few fren in that place.. i was so happy and comfortable..
I think i will go next year..
If u are in melbourne.. try not to miss this event.. Is a great event.. u will love it..
I wanted to record some video and show u guys.. but too bad.. they don;t allow u to do so..so i have to keep in my memory and tell u how great is it..

On sunday i went to church in the morning and as usual go home and do my assignment..
Jonathan was the one who invited me to 1015 and he oso did invite me to join his urban life for lunch.. but i have to go home and go to market to buy food and finish my assignment...haha...

On monday that is 29 september. Urban life is on. i went for the monday conducted by Jia heng and adeline.. is near to my house just 10 min walks oli..
Of coz first day i went it was a bit scare for me..
When i when there i meet some new frens. They were very nice and friendly..
They start by introducing ourself and where we study and wat favourite movie we like to watch..However If u know me.. i like to watch all kinds of movie.. but they say have to choose one..
but i cant choose.. because i watch movie dun see the title of the movie except some of the movie is short to rememeber and famous i will remember la..
But my favourite hmmm.... i really dunnoo...

So they continue will singing songs and prayer and some sharing..
Is really nice to go for the urban life..

The next day went to college and continue to finish my assignment again...( ASSIGNMENT NEVER END!!!!)@@@@@@@

of coz i got out and find job but still cant get a job.. sob sob...
and sad sad....
Pray for me to get a job asap thanks (IMPORTANT) is part of my course to work...


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