Thursday, May 13, 2010 Time: 6:57 pm

Hi dear friends,

sorry about the update. i plan to update every week or every day.
But too bad lately too many assignment due next week. I guess i got no time to update.

hope that by next week i get to write my blog more detail.

hope to see u guys soon..
take care.
stay healthy
good luck in everything
may god bless u.
i missing everyone..!!!

I am back again!!@@

Wednesday, May 12, 2010 Time: 11:45 pm

Hi friends,
is been long time i did not update maybe more than 1/2 year.

Where shall we start?
Well i guess i shall start from i just came back from Malaysia.
feel good. and August chizu left our house and i have new room mate name Nozomi.
Later the house was full of sound and laughter. Which i like a lot.
Sam and julie move out sooner vic and beryl move out too.. all taiwanese move out!!
Was pretty sad and missing them
After sam and julie move out there is korean sister move in name jenny and min ji.
Min ji does know how to speak english very well. So sometime is difficult to communicate with her. But yet we both get along well. and we are happy staying together.
She tried hard to speak english whenever i ask her somethings. Well they just came down from Korea. I am not surprise she cant speak that well like i do. But i am very impress with her eventhough she cant speak well but she try very hard.!!!

Then upstairs couple also change to Ji hee and Damien they are very nice and friendly couple.
We had so much fun staying together. After nozomi move out to work the house become a bit different more quite.
Well sometimes i also do get some happy news that chizu is getting married on April and wish that i could go over to attend her wedding.Unfortunately i could not make it due to too many assignment and i am going to take IElts.

restaurant event

Saturday, August 15, 2009 Time: 1:18 pm

Jam JAm Is giving to a toast to everyone.. Haha.. Wish everyone Stay healthyChizu with a Big Wine Cup ;p

Not enough sleep and cut my finger

Wednesday, April 01, 2009 Time: 9:44 pm

Today i din not get enough sleep.
Because last nite i keep on coughing and when to toilet.
Maybe because is going to cure thats why like this.

I woke up early in the morning, was so hungry.
when and cook some chicken and rice and when to college.
Feel sleepy.
Try to understand what teacher say during the demo class. but then dunno why cant really concentrate 100%
when to practical class that time. Kelam-kabut. just bec i forgot to bring the new recipe with me to the class. make me kelam kabut. (this is no good!! i know that) haiz.. i am learning try not to be kelam kabut when i miss something or dun follow something.

then i made the terrine fish (Wah!! so BIG!! SO fat!!! same size like the chef who made that!!) wakaka..
but it was for poaching. is too big to poach. bec i put 300g of filling inside. i follow the recipe. i dunno why some ppl so small. and mine so big.. wakaka...
maybe my weigh scale got problem haiz. but nvm... at last come up like big sushi or KIm pat.

Today at nite need to work. in my heart i wish i could go home early.
true enough i work for 2 hour then when back home. wakaka...
but i cut my finger when i was cutting the tomato.. i though my knife is not that sharp. MAna tau so sharp until but my finger.
That why i must get enough sleep only can work. if not i will do something wrong.
but is not pain. dunno why. maybe my skin peeled off dy thats why cut got no feeling. lolxxx...but bleeding a lot. i wash with water and forget to take tissue to wipe the blood. so when take bandage that time it water and blood is floating together. i was like ai ya....
then faster go take tissue and block the blood out.
my chef Abraham help me to wrap. So kind of him lolxx...

Came home then faster do my report and cheese assignment
if not cant pass up on time.
k continue again~~~

have to finish assignment

Open book Exam 31/3/09

Tuesday, March 31, 2009 Time: 6:11 pm

TOday early morning exam..
yesterday night go through the notes and see what can i study.
but all the while i was studying for my resit. i think i will need to resit my hygiene. i was so worry. i keep on telling frends that i will fail.

today test was pretty okay. although need to think what to write. but 45min exam have to think very fast.
then took back last week exam test
Guess WHAT?? lol
i pass
Got A. so happy.
but now worrying the result for open book again!!
but no time to care open book result
because i had to finish my cheese assignment
next week must pass up.
and i am working most of the day. so wont be able to do cheese assignment.
hopefully can finish 4 cheese by today.
then tml 4 more
and angliss report finish it
then the following week Holiday!!!
wakaka.. so happy..
dunno where to go for holiday..
must ask all of them go travelling..
altough some of them din get job yet.
but try to go cheap cheap place. yet can happy together.
spend a bit should not have a problem..
so excited.. hmmm...

okay see u soon
i have to continue my cheese assignment..

Mon at occassion restaurant

Monday, March 30, 2009 Time: 9:44 pm

Today i woke up pretty late.
woke up and do some laundry.
then go college. wanted to borrow book thats why go early 30 min. by the time i reach there is already 3pm. still got half hour to change and prepare go occasion class.

i was the bread chef of the day.
When i was making the bread. feel the bread a bit wet. then ask my chef. Find him all around could not see him. so find head chef. head chef was cedric, then he say hmmm' add flour' okay flour added.. but i think added too much.
then thomas say the bread need cold water. but i din add. then i ask him to have a look with my bread. then he is like aiyo ' no good no good' who say need to add flour. look at this (bla bla something like this la). then he ask me add cold water.
so i add cold water.

then u know water, flour and dough are mixing together.
it doesn't look good.
i feel this time my bread is not successfull. (in heart i am planning to make again) but need more time. so i ask thomas. how? What to do? look at the dough!
then he adjust and teach me. it came out same like just now i made.

then i though of allow my teacher to see before i made the dough.
then he see.. he say need more flour.
so he added flour again. In my heart i was like (die die die... my bread goin to habis)(surely not sucessful)
so beat longer. decided to start make the bread
made 10 sesame seed, poppy seed, knots, plain flour. 1 foccacia, 1 grissini stick, 1 bargute? (dunno spell) lolxx.. any way.
made all this bread thanks to cedric, thomas, filipe?, and A they help me.. mostly all the work is they do wakaka... am i kinda bad?
but they teach me and help me a lot..

then the bread CAMe out was so nice. we made pizza too.. wakaka.. so nice.. delicious. half vegetarian half bacon.
everyone say was nice.. we put so much cheese. wakaka...

THe bread was soft
I loved it..
so nice

then at night when closing argue with JOe. haiz.. stupid. make me so angy!!1
tml got exam !!!

@.@ 2009

Sunday, March 29, 2009 Time: 11:49 pm

This is my first blog in 2009
From my last blog till now i am busy with work. thats why no time to write blog and update my fellow family, relatives, friends and etc etc.

All this time i was working. Christmas was wonderful here. i spend 50Aus to buy a FRESH FRESH Turkey here. it was so nice although over cook a bit. lolx
but i use the bone to cook porridge.. my favourite!!!
so nice!!
Then i began to work in Australian open for 1 1/2 weeks. in the kitchen as plate up staff. it was so cool. i like the experience. mix with many friends and chef. learn many things from there. hopefully i will be able to work with them again.
i would like to see them and know new menu they are doin. So EXCited!!!!

Wakaka... then i start my college. busy busy busy with work and college. almost have no time to rest. Feel like stopping college and work. Go for holiday or break.
Life is like this.. have to work and work and study. Thats LIFE~~
Sadly to let all of u know. i din go church dy. bec of work again. haiz...
the roaster din change so cant go church. so sad... I miss god's Word
i miss singing and praising.

One day, i was shock that my friend got married. shock until i could not sleep that night. nearly got heart attack. Freak me out of it~~
But is oready pass. i think their baby goin to born on july. or april i forget when dy. nobody tell me about their wedding until i check the friendster and see my friend's picture.

Well~~ time passed so fast that i am goin back to mas. So happy. but still thinking of goin back 3 weeks or 10 days. bec of work again. Now economy no good, in order not to lost my position i think i have to take this matter seriously and discuss poperly.

on 20 March my Chef got " Fry Fish" so sad to hear that. I suppose to go work on that day. but i serious headache. so i had to ask for leave. I went back to work the next day, i got to know that he had fry fish. haiz.. i had no idea why. no one knows why.
but i got new head chef and new roaster. My roaster changed every week. I am glad that i can dun need to work on Sunday.
GOOD NEW is i SUnday can go church.. SO happy

22 march was Joe birthday, i celebrated with him earlier bec i knew i am working on that day. I brough him to Greek restaurant to eat. Asked him what he wants for his brithday but he did not tell me what he wants. so I just belanja him makan thats all.
but any way, i wish him all the best and happy and crazy always. wakaka...

28 MArch, is jo jo graduation. i am not there to wish her congratualation and see her perform.
but i am very proud of her becoming a good and kind nurse. i love my family so much.
Too bad i am not there. then we can take family photo.
but nvm. next time take also can.

29 March. First day to church, so happy and glad to see urban life member, so many things had change. long time i have not been church. hmm...
but we had dinner together. it was great opportunity to talk to the member and see them.

Today, still sick since 23 march. cough and flu. so sad, but as chef need to shout.
i hope my voice wont loss.
i Miss my home so much..
i wish i can go back asap.
i wan to rest
too tired and lonely here.
But i know GOd is with me.
He is always with me
May god bless me and my family with good health and continue to pray to him

*8 and 9 nov 2008*

Tuesday, November 11, 2008 Time: 12:05 pm pratical test was pretty stressfull bec most of them is baking and kneading..

so need a lot of time
so tiring.
i fail one food. so sad..all i can blame is the oven.. arghhh.....

nvm.. i resit again no worries..
today work until 12.30am.. it so late.. today full house and work till late.
so glad learn couple few things..

9 of nov
today is silas birthday. Gave him a big surprise.
we went to singapore ... (forget the name dy) haha..
any way.. we celebrated his birthday and we went to church in one group.
he is one of our urban life member. we went for the second service bec yesterday i stay up very late and today wake up late so went for the second service.
Eventually they left me and katherine.
i have no ticket so i decide to walk. i ask katherine if she wants to take the tram is good bec she wore high heels so it will be tiring walking to church.
but she decided to walk with me..

so we chat on the way we walk there. and talk and talk and talk
and i told her my birthday pass few days ago.. she was so shocked. bec she din know that.
i say is not her fault bec i din really ttell any one in urban life.
then she say she will do something. i was like is ok no need...

then we reach church sang song and many more.. but i feel today was so different then usual.. today the day that is like i have been born again..i am so happy.

then after finish katherine say she will call me tonite. and she did call me and say that tml we will go to have dinner at 7.30pm in korean restaurant oriental spoon.
is just opposite melbourne central...
i was like okay see u tml.. haha..
i feel they are so good. know that they miss my birthday yet they still celebrate for me.
i am so touch..
most of them having exam now and busy with assignment so i feel is okay they cant celebrate for me...
wish them all the best in EXAM!!!!

MAy god bless all of you...,,

~~7 november 2008~~

Time: 11:58 am

today i ask for leave to go for the combine urban life that is held in melbourne covention centre (MCC). near melbourne centre

it was all the urban life combine together which most of them is uni students.
first time i attend this event. its so great..!!! AWESOme!!!

i rededicate with leny one of my urban group fren.
it was so great..
urban friends does know yesterday was my birthday. so i told leny. and leny wish me.. haha..

but i am all right. keke...
when to buy cheap earrings bec is goin to close down on sunday so they sold very cheap.i bough a few. goin to bring back for my family to wear it.. hehe..

kang meng will be goin back on middle january. so i will be asking him to bring back some thing for my family and relative.
however for my frens you guys need to wait for me to go back.. patient ya...i miss u all so much..

i buy before entering combine urban life event.
then after that i straight went home bec the next day i have practical exam.. haha.. so have to go home get ready everything.

6 of November 2008

Friday, November 07, 2008 Time: 6:17 pm

my friend he give me the cake as a present

pro chef made it so beautiful and nice that is tom chef

all the 15 cakes on bench

chef wilariat made it.

chef jamie with her cake and decoration of her cake below

HAppy Birthday to me!!!

This year i celebrate in Australia.
U must be thinking i am lonely and sad hur?!!
this year birthday although is simply but i am happy and touch.
although i din blow candle but my fellow teacher and friend sung a birthday song in the class.
is so coinsident that, The day it self our class made black forest cake.
so there was around 15 cake on the bench as my birthday cake.. haha..kiddin nia..
any way, if i have 15 cake i also cant finish but i am happy that day.
the cake was nice and my fren gave his cake to me as a birthday present.

i have to work on that day, my chef told me to come in at 5pm so after my class at 5 i straight went to work. i brought my cake along bec i dun not have the time to go home and put my cake in the fridge.
then when i reach there my chef say i 6pm oli start work.
so no choice then i wait till 6pm.
half way working, my chef say can we eat ur cake i say Okay.
Anyway i cant finish alone if not i will get fat easily.
then he ask me is my birthday today?
i told him yes. (but i din not know how he knows that)swt!!1

Well anyway.. the work place all of them wishes me happy birthday and i continue work.. haha...

4 of november 2008 (MELBOURNE CUP)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008 Time: 5:08 pm

On melbourne cup i went to david house to have party.

u will be asking me what is melbourne cup.
melbourne cup where people gamble or dress very pretty with suit and flower(for women on their hair). and go the the flemington (one of the place)
there have fashion show see who dress the prettiest and etc etc....

however i and my friend was invited to go to david house which is one of my class friend.he is married and got a family and two child name jordon and oliver.

i went with a group of friends we took 55 tram and stop 40.
it was fun.
We were ask to bring some wine and juice to drink. and he will prepare the food.
we stayed there from 12 to 9pm. play game and watch the race and drink some wine and take picture.

they have a dog. i will show u some picture.. it is very fun.. we enjoy it and my japenese roomate she went with me to the melbourne cup too..
i can see she enjoy herself very much..hehe..

The month of Ocotber 2008

Friday, October 31, 2008 Time: 4:55 pm


on the 18 of october i have to pass up my big project herb and spice assignment.
then on the 17 i have an interview in dockland to do trial for job.Eventually i got the job.
In another side i oso have a trial in a cafe on 20 oct.
so i have to choose either one place to work.
but of cos i choose the dockland bec it give me to learn more thing than the cafe.
but the cafe shop likes me a lot so i told them i maybe can work during december i will be waiting to work with them on december. bec during december i can work unlimited. This may also able to earn more money too..

then i started to work on the 23 of oct. thats y u i din update my blog. i was busy and tired. i am sorry

ST Kilda beach

Sunday, October 19, 2008 Time: 5:36 pm

Dear all

Happy and fun day...
i went to st kilda beach with my fren after my church service.
reach there around 2pm with korean gal (hee yeong), thailand (A,wilariat), and cedric (vietnam) and tom (malaysia)
After reach there went to st kilda market along the street they sell many souviner, we were so attracted until delay our time to go to the beach..
though today is a good day to touch the water..
Unfortunately, the weather is so cold until we were freezing...

we went to luna like genting highland theme park.. but this is mostly for children.. so we din manage to play but we went it to take photo and have a look how is luna park looks like..

Before we go to beach, we went to have our lunch,tea and dinner in one meal..
at nandoooosssss
Instead picnic at beach we picnic in nandooosss...haha..
we finish our food at there and went to have desert (Cake)!!!!
the most delicious and varieties of cake that u cant get in the city!!!//

Then on our way we went to the beach to walk and see the scenary and have beautiful coffee.. and enjoy the view and air at the beach..

^+^ 9 OCT 2008 Injured

Thursday, October 09, 2008 Time: 10:38 pm

TOday is practical class after two weeks holiday.
Nearly forget my the demo class what the teacher cook

i went to college. Then start cooking.. half way through cutting pumpkin i cut my hand..Haha..
I was trying to remove the pumpkin from my knife while i looking at outside a while. and i cut my finger..
bleed a lot..
i do compress and put plaster and wear glove.

Guess wat??
my glove has blood too..
so need to change to a smaller glove to give pressure the the finger and make sure it won't bleed out..
But it still continue to bleed and i decided to wear double glove to cook.

Today suppose to cook faster. i think just bec finger injured slow down my work.
Went back home and do workplan and went to aldi to buy some stuff.
Tiring day..
lost blood and have to do homework..
hmm...boring at the same time.. depress to find a job..

7 July ~~~~ Miserable Day~~~@@

Tuesday, October 07, 2008 Time: 10:41 pm

Actually today is half good half not good...

The good things happen is because i got an interview with The Coffee Club for a kitchen job..
but i have to wait for reply tml..if i am selected i will be called and ask for the induction on Friday..

then u forget to return one book just yesterday i should return it and they charge me 30 cent for one day not returning it.....

At night!! i went downstair to cook my dinner i realize that my RICE COOKER is not working!!!!

but i still got rice to eat...i use my housemate rice cooker....
BUT HOW about mine?????

What to do with it?????
i call mum to tell her about my rice cooker... then she say she try to ask my cousin to bring another new rice cooker over to me...

WHy is my rice cooker is not working??????
What happen man!!!!!!!


Stupid rice cooker....!!!!!!!
Feel like fixing it..But i dunno what is the problem with the rice cooker....


WHEN EVER I MISSES somthing i will feel stress... but i try to overcalm it....
Plz help me pray to god ....
Ask him to help me....
ask him to protect me..

%%% Holiday is end%%%

Monday, October 06, 2008 Time: 5:38 pm

Well... today is Monday dy...

My holiday ended dy...
SAturday Kang meng call me and tell me that Sunday will start day light saving..

I was like WAT??????\
WAT IS Day light saving????
Din hear before!!!
No one told me before!!!!
Feel so stupid me...keke... Kidding nia

i feel its stupid to have day light saving...because on Sunday i sit in the living room to do my work. I sit the whole day.. But when it come to 8pm. the sky is still not dark..
And i am not ready to eat my dinner... so i have a late dinner on Sunday..
The govement should extend the time rather than i have to move my time early by 1 hours...
U know wat???
now i have to wake up even more early.. so sad
cannot sleep longer dy...

I am SAd SAd Sad because i lost 1 hours dy...
Still Malaysia is the best...
i wan go home....

Haizz...too bad i have to finish my studies first..

Oh ya on Saturday i went to MArket to buy fish..
I love fish...Since i came here i din really eat fish.. always eat meat if not chicken (SIEZ~~~~)
Sometimes on sat the fish is cheap i bought 3 fish 3 dollar for 1 kg..
so the 3 fish can eat for 2 weeks...
so two weeks i can eat fish...
i am happpy to eat fish rather than eating meat...

In malaysia fish is cheap but meat is expensive (i think) keke
but fish is good for health.. so i prefer fish.. not meat!!!!
I oso did buy a lot of vegetable bec i knew that assignment day is due i got no time to buy food and sometime event no time to eat or cook...
so simply buy more vegetable and fish.. easy cook and fast


##During the Hoilday##

Sunday, October 05, 2008 Time: 5:16 pm

I think i have told u that i have holiday for two weeks.
the first week most of my time spend in the Fine food Melbourne eat and drink and see competition between the students.

On Friday i begin to start my assignment. There is 4 assignment to complete and 1 homework.
Is not easy to finish in a week. But i have to try no matter wat..keke..
On Saturday i was invited to go for 10 15...

Ten Fifteen!!!
i was great and open eyes event..
i was told that every year they will have 3 - 4 times..
This time 10 15 is the last time held ,for planet shaker.. if i wan to watch again
i must go next year..keke...

Is held because to let outsider to know what actually planet shaker does and wat event they have...
Many people invited their frens to 1015.
It was crowded with people and the environment is very nice (maybe u will feel noisy like going to disco)(but this is worshiping god)(we sing praises to god)
It was fun
It draw many outside to know god and believe there is GOd..
Well i get to know a few fren in that place.. i was so happy and comfortable..
I think i will go next year..
If u are in melbourne.. try not to miss this event.. Is a great event.. u will love it..
I wanted to record some video and show u guys.. but too bad.. they don;t allow u to do i have to keep in my memory and tell u how great is it..

On sunday i went to church in the morning and as usual go home and do my assignment..
Jonathan was the one who invited me to 1015 and he oso did invite me to join his urban life for lunch.. but i have to go home and go to market to buy food and finish my assignment...haha...

On monday that is 29 september. Urban life is on. i went for the monday conducted by Jia heng and adeline.. is near to my house just 10 min walks oli..
Of coz first day i went it was a bit scare for me..
When i when there i meet some new frens. They were very nice and friendly..
They start by introducing ourself and where we study and wat favourite movie we like to watch..However If u know me.. i like to watch all kinds of movie.. but they say have to choose one..
but i cant choose.. because i watch movie dun see the title of the movie except some of the movie is short to rememeber and famous i will remember la..
But my favourite hmmm.... i really dunnoo...

So they continue will singing songs and prayer and some sharing..
Is really nice to go for the urban life..

The next day went to college and continue to finish my assignment again...( ASSIGNMENT NEVER END!!!!)@@@@@@@

of coz i got out and find job but still cant get a job.. sob sob...
and sad sad....
Pray for me to get a job asap thanks (IMPORTANT) is part of my course to work...

~~@Fine food in Melbourne@~~

Saturday, September 27, 2008 Time: 3:42 pm

On the 22-25 of september 2008 was the fine food melbourne held in melbourne exhibiton centre opposite crown casino.

It was great opportunity to go there. Well i did not pay for the ticket. It was free because i register online before 17 of september. So it was FREE!!!
I went there with my fren Cedric (Vietnam) and Wilariat (Thailand).

The exhibition is mainly for business man who own a restaurant, catering or suppliar..
There is so many things in the exhibition..there is competition everyday.. i saw they cook many nice and delicious food during the competition. Unfortunately i did not take picture..keke...
u can see what sauce and how they cook their food and the waitress how they serve the food to the customer that are waiting on the table..

In that exhibition there are many section at the place.. there is one section of ais-cream.. where u can taste many different kind of ice-cream. equipment, honey, oil, tea, Meat, dairy product, pie, cakes, cookies, wine, soda water, vitamin drinks, cocktail, coffee and etc etc... Is UNCOUNTABLE!!!

I ate a lot of food when i am in there.. Thats why i did not cook dinner nor lunch so Save some money.. keke...
There is one part where they promote their own country food. Country like thailand, korea, japan, malaysia, singapore and etc etc..

I went to thailand store grap a lot of freebies... So happy because my fren is thai so they speak thai and she got freebies so same goes to me too..
i did try some wine on the second day..
there was many different kinds of wine and different kind of store..
I have tried Shiraz, Rose wine, Chardonnay, CArbenot Minot and etc etc..
First day i did not drink too much.. Because i dun dare to try too much..
On the second day i drank a lot.. because i tried many alchohol that the percentage was very high (i din realize) my face was so red until i and my fren have to find a place to sit down and rest..
so we rest for half an hour at the culinary competition there..
I was so funny.
Because we two din realize how many store we tasted the wine

But the last store we went to they have a very good wine. They won some awasrd for the wine. So it was good wine we tasted..

Woah.. Talk about food... i really eat a lot...
Some boot have free food to eat..
oso with recipe
there is one corner that they show us how to cook mutton, beef, lamb leg etc etc etc
i just stand there and try and learn how to cook.. hehe...
Actually i dun dare to eat the lamb brain.. but my fren ask me to try... he say is nice..
Well.. i did try and it was great although i feel like vomitting out the lamb brain..
But the chef cook until the taste for the lamb brain was taste like oyster..

i ate a lot of pies and i oso got some free pies to bring back.. i was so happy...
There also have chicken garlic ball... it taste so nice.. many ppl love it so much...
and we keep eating a few time of the chicken garlic ball (It was free)!!!
There is always many types of cheese for u to taste... i have tried a few..i fee like taking the cheese back and eat in front of the tv and enjoy it with biscuit..
but too bad.. is not for sale...

OH ya...
i ate salmon too.. there have salmon demo, show u how to cook with salmon, U can't imagine the salmon was so nice... so smooth and soft and FRESH!!!!\

Welll....i have been enjoying my time in this fine food..
i go there nearly every day and spend most of my time there to see and eat and taste...

i hope next time i will be able to go again.
This is not every year held in same place.
This exhibition every year will held is different place of Australia..
Is so coincident this year was in Melbourne!!!

My journey to Fine Food in Melbourne

Wednesday, September 24, 2008 Time: 6:14 pm

BIG EVENT!!! in food industry!!!


Time: 1:58 am


Well..All this while i trying to find a share room in the city

Guess WAT???


I found it on Saturday 30 August!!

i went to have to look at the room on sunday bec that was the only day the gal is available.

So i prepare my money and went to have a look with the room...

Guess AGAIN!!!

The gal is same college as me and i kinda seen her before in college.. so i went to have a look with the room although it was small but i like it. so i do it fast by paying cash straight away.

From a big room i shifted to a small shared room..

i shifted on the 14 September.. It was a hard time for me that time and tiring for a gal to travel from my old house to new house. it takes 30min to travel thru and back everytime.. Actually i was so thankfull that my pevious roomate help me to shift my things. it was so great and good of her helping me to shift. Actualy i asked my frens in college. But all not able to make it. so decided to do it with my roomate..luckily got her..If not i dunno when i able to finish shifting.. maybe need to shift for 3 days if i shift alone.

On 14 sept alone itself i shifted since morning 11 am til 10pm..Imagine How much and how long!!!!

But we go 3 rounds... But it took so long!!! and two of us only!!!!!!!!!! (sob sob)

Well now i am happy in this new house and i feel warm too...Near to college no need to pay so much.. so good...keke...

But the oli thing is in my mind now is getting a job.. I tried very hard to find a job as a kitchen hand in a western restaurant.. But i could not get it..It has been two month i tried to find..Until now i Fail!!!!!

On the 8 sept my college had Career Expo means that there are a lot of hotels and caterer will be coming to out college to tell us more about their stuff. Besides that we might be hired by them by giving our resume to them..

So i did go, and have a lot of fun knowing a lot of well known hotel and catering. I hand in my resume to them but until now i did not get any respon from them.. So i decide to go online to apply for job and send my resume. yet no body reply.

But i wont give up, God is with me. God will provide me a job and a very good job for me...

i believe in him.. It need is time....i will try my best to go around to find a job..

hopefully can get one as a kitchen hand in western gain experience..

Well.. It has been one week i in this new house. And i am now having holiday for 2 weeks...Is a term break..Sogood..Not planning to go any where but to hang out with my class frens..

I had register myself to fine food event..

Is a big event in the food industry.

I was told by my teacher every year they will held in different state/ country in Australia. It was so considence that this years is in melbourne and next year would be in Perth then continue with Sydney.

My lecturer say that try not to miss this event and go for it.. So i went today. It was so big but this event is mainly for business man and etc to go for it. I as a student to go and have a look this big event and expo myself to different variety of food in different country.

Okay shall continue tomorrow@@
I think Everyone i sleeping now bec my time here is 2.32 Am in the morning on 24 Sept
Malaysia time is 12.32 am in the morning

I shall get sleep and continue my story tml k
See u guys tommorow
Good nite
Love and miss ya


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